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    I know clicking is hard, so let me lessen the pain. My name is Val and I am Mommy to Chachi (4) and Stinky (2). Wife to Dave. That rather large blob you may see from time to time in the background of some pictures is Chili the Chihuahua. But whatever you do, NEVER make fun of his weight. He is sensitive. We are just the family next door....although our neighbors wish we weren't next door to them!



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    21 January 2009



    LMAO! Happy to see I'm not the only one that's spent nights in the toddler day bed. They're surprisingly comfy, too.


    lol! Yeah the weight limit on ours was 50lbs!!! It was a cheapo from Walmart though ($40-50 bucks? the little wooden ones with the bedrails) But he looks so cute and snuggly in your bed :)

    Katia / Crazy for trying

    haha! and to get MY just rewards guess where I spent part of last night? In my toddler's bed with the baby. The toddler was in my bed. No one was in the crib. AAAAAAACK!!!


    i'm certain that i'm going to break my son's toddlerbed before he grows out of it. i wonder if there is a weight limit on those things...

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