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    I know clicking is hard, so let me lessen the pain. My name is Val and I am Mommy to Chachi (4) and Stinky (2). Wife to Dave. That rather large blob you may see from time to time in the background of some pictures is Chili the Chihuahua. But whatever you do, NEVER make fun of his weight. He is sensitive. We are just the family next door....although our neighbors wish we weren't next door to them!



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    Love it - and love all your "About Me" facts. I used to totally watch Al Alberts Showcase, by the way! Haha!


    Lovely...or not. But fun!! It sure will be something to laugh at when the kids are older.

    My son - now 5 - used to think (when 2,5-3 yrs old) that he was Christopher Robin (yes THE Christopher Robin). Once, a very nice man asked him about his name and the name of his younger brother - then one year - the boy with imagination big as the universe quickly replied: "Me, I'm Christoffer Robin and that is Baby." The man actually believed him. (!) But if you knew the names of his kids you wouldn't be surprised.... The poor brother of C.R. went under the name Baby for a long long time.

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